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Arizona Senate Democrats Announce Rebecca Rios as Senate Minority Leader,New Leadership Team

PHOENIX– Arizona Senate Democrats released the following statements after choosing a new leadership team for the 2021 Arizona Legislative Session.

Senate Minority Leader Rebecca Rios: “I’m honored to have been elected to serve as the Senate Democrats Minority Leader and take up the mantle from my colleague Senator Bradley. We have significant work ahead of us as Covid-19 cases are on the rise and Arizonans are looking to their leaders to act. Senate Democrats stand ready to lead as inclusive problem solvers and act on the mandate from Arizonans who want us to focus on funding education, stopping the Covid-19 pandemic, and creating equal opportunity for every Arizonan.”

Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras: “I’m ready to continue the fight alongside this great new leadership team. We have a unified vision to move our changing state forward with transparency, fairness and equal opportunity for all.”

Senate Democratic Whip Senate Quezada: “For too long misguided Republican leadership has put us decades behind other states, and the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown that into even starker relief. We absolutely must get a handle on the pandemic and help Arizonans. We know that a state that is good for workers is a state that is good for business and this session we are invigorated to focus on protecting public education, voting rights and addressing racial injustice.”

Senate Democratic Whip Victoria Steele: “This coming year is going to be a transformative one for Arizona. We picked up another Senate seat and Democrats are ready to lead for every Arizonan and we will not compromise our values. I’m excited to see what this session will bring.”


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