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Arizona Senate Democrats Respond to SB1740

June 24, 2022

PHOENIX The Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus released the following statement responding to SB1740 -water infrastructure financing; supply; augmentation.

“Water is the lifeblood of our deserts, our mountains, our forests, and our future. Our reliance on a sustainable water supply in Arizona cannot be overstated and is increasingly at risk. Today, we achieved a bipartisan agreement to give Arizona the necessary tools to strengthen water infrastructure, conservation efforts, and long-term augmentation.

The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority has been modernized and expanded to address urgent statewide challenges in a transparent and inclusive way.

From the very beginning, our desire was to achieve a water deal that sets Arizona up for success. Confronted with the realities of a changing climate, an overallocated Colorado River, and decreasing groundwater levels, this bill creates a financial structure to assist with the diverse needs of both urban and rural Arizona.

Funding for conservation efforts has become one of our top priorities in crafting this deal to ensure responsible long-term water usage. We are proud of this moment, but we know there is much work still to be done. Our commitment to securing the state’s water future is stronger than ever.”


Press Contact: Calli Jones

Communications Director | Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus

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