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Arizona Senate Democrats’ Statement on Coup Attempt at our Nation’s Capitol

Arizona Senate Democratic leadership released the following statement on the attempted coup happening at our Nation’s Capitol.

“Our nation’s Capitol buildings and our democracy have been shattered today. America is in disgrace as armed traitors have violently overrun our nation’s Capitol. This is the consequence of Trump and right wing, anti-American radicals refusing to acknowledge the laws of our democracy and honor a fair and legal election. While the American people made their voices clear and elected President Joe Biden, our current president encouraged and unleashed this violent coup attempt at our Capitol. This is a dark day in American history and these events fly in the face of our free and fair democracy. We condemn with the utmost urgency these shameful and despicable actions, and urge our Republican colleagues to immediately condemn these rioters and demand they be prosecuted according to the full extent of the law. We know our American democracy is strong and resilient. Although this is a disturbing day in our history, we have confidence that democracy, justice and the rule of law will prevail.”

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