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Arizona State Senate Democratic Caucus Announces New Leadership Team for the 56th Legislature

November 10, 2022

PHOENIX – The Arizona State Senate Democratic Caucus announces their new leadership team as follows: Senate Democratic Leader – Senator Raquel Terán (LD26), Senate Democratic Assistant Leader – Senator-Elect Mitzi Epstein (LD12), Senate Democratic Caucus Chair – Senator Lela Alston (LD5), and Senate Democratic Whip – Senator Rosanna Gabaldón (LD21).

Senator Raquel Terán said, “I do not take on the responsibility of Democratic Leader lightly. This new leadership team will work to stop those wishing to break down our democracy, strip away our rights, and fail to properly manage our very limited natural resources. Arizonans need us to work on issues rooted in reality, not conspiracies; that is exactly what we plan to do.”

Senator-Elect Epstein said, “We are all so proud that Arizonans showed up to the polls and entrusted us with their votes. This leadership team will be dedicated to all our constituents, our collective futures, and strengthening our democracy. I am so grateful for the work of every elections official and poll worker – their work is vital to ensuring our democracy continues. Let’s get to work.”

Senator Lela Alston said, “Serving in the state legislature has been my great privilege. I am so honored to be elected again to the legislature by my constituents and I am proud to serve my caucus as the new Caucus Chair. After the continued attacks on women’s reproductive rights, it is fitting that four strong women will help protect our state in the 56th Legislature.”

Senator Rosanna Gabaldón said, “As a long-standing member of the state legislature, I am eager to serve as the Senate Democratic Whip. I know this leadership team will uplift the concerns of hardworking, everyday Arizonans. This team and our caucus are ready to look at the issues affecting every part of our state. We all know this upcoming session is likely to have its fair share of challenges, but we are up to the task.”


Press Contact: Calli Jones

Senate Democratic Caucus Communications Director

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