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Bravo, Diaz and Gabaldón walk out of Senate Military Affairs, Public Safety and Border Security Committee in protest

Arizona State Senate 

1700 W. Washington St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85007 


Press Release  



March 20, 2024 

PHOENIX – Today, the Senate Military Affairs, Public Safety and Border Security (MAPS) committee heard and passed House Bills 2748 and 2821, bills that replicate the language of Senate Bill 1231 and would make it illegal for immigrants to enter Arizona at any location other than an official port of entry and allow state officials to enforce immigration policy. SB1231 was vetoed by the Governor two weeks ago.  


“Immigrants are tired of being used pawns in a political game,” said Senator Flavio Bravo (LD26). “Our families are real people with real lives that are affected by racist and out of touch immigration policies like these. The days of SB1070 were not that long ago, and I remember the turmoil it brought to not only state’s communities of color, but all Arizonans. I remember the feeling of relief I had while watching the bill be struck down at the Sandra Day O’Connor US Courthouse. On top of that, these bills are copying Texas’ immigration law that is currently under litigation. Why would we want to spend another $1 million fighting in courts about a bill we know is unconstitutional? It is irresponsible to repeat the same mistakes of the past. Anything regarding immigration is not a state issue and can only be fully addressed by the federal government. It’s time for Republicans to stop pushing unconstitutional legislation and work with our Democratic caucus in finding solutions to problems everyday Arizonans are currently facing.” 


“I’m disappointed in the MAPS committee’s decision to hear House Bills 2748 and 2821 today. We have already discussed this harmful legislation in depth and know it will be vetoed,” added Senator Rosanna Gabaldón (LD21). “It appears to me that my Republican colleagues are using these bills to push divisive rhetoric that helps their political careers rather than pass meaningful legislation to truly address the issues at the southern border. The majority of individuals entering our state from other countries are migrants in search for a better life – just like my parents who worked very hard to become US citizens and were excited and proud to become US citizens. It’s time for Republicans to stop wasting our time and instead work with Democrats to find solutions that would help everyone in our state thrive.” 


“I ran for the state legislature to find solutions to real problems. These bills are some of the most extreme anti-immigration bills since SB1070,” said Senator Eva Diaz (LD22). “Passing this legislation, whether enacted or not, lets people of color know that they are not welcome in Arizona. These bills treat every single person who comes across the border, including asylum seekers, as a criminal and would lead to Arizonans of color being scared to go about their daily life just because of their skin tone of the language that they speak. This is nothing more than legalized racial profiling that threatens all Arizonans’ civil rights. I look forward to the day when the state legislature can work together to actually pass legislation that helps communities, not divide them.”  


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