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Senate Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios Announces Appointment to the WIFA Board

September 27, 2022

PHOENIX - Senate Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios proudly announces the appointment of Susan Montgomery to the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) Board.

SB1740 was passed and signed this past June, making desperately needed enhancements to WIFA which will manage the historic $1.2 billion appropriation passed this session to address the water crisis facing Arizona. This investment will work to ensure that Arizona citizens continue to see water supply for the next 100 years.

Ms. Montgomery’s experience representing tribal governments in the Gila River and Little Colorado River Water Rights Adjudications currently pending in Arizona, which is a complex litigation that will determine the water rights of more than 100,000 surface water users in Arizona, make her uniquely qualified for this position. In addition to litigating on significant issues necessary to protect her clients’ interests, Ms. Montgomery coordinates teams of hydrologists, engineers, historians, and other science professionals who are responsible for developing the reports necessary to support the water rights claims of her clients. Her representative accomplishments are numerous - covering areas such as Tribal law, Environmental law, Water law, and Cultural Resource Law.

“Susan Montgomery is uniquely qualified to serve Arizona on the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority Board. Her many years of experience dealing with the technical aspects of water policy, quality, and infrastructure development, have shaped her ability to direct the use of taxpayer dollars with the utmost sense of responsibility,” said Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios. “Arizona is experiencing a water supply crisis that will only continue to grow, without swift action from the most competent water experts. After diligently looking at all applicants, we are confident that Ms. Montgomery will work to ensure quality water supply for all Arizonans for generations to come.”


Press Contact: Calli Jones Senate Democratic Caucus Communications Director

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