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Senate Democrats call for action to end the gun violence epidemic in American and extend sympathies

May 24, 2022

PHOENIX – Our words fail to express the heartbreak we feel for the victims and their loved ones in Uvalde, Texas. So far, we have lost 18 children and 3 adults in today's mass shooting. We cannot begin to understand the pain of sending your children off to school and never seeing them come home. Our caucus mourns this careless loss of life and is unwavering in our commitment to end the policies that further perpetrate this violence.

These children were not simply unlucky, they were just children in America. This only happens in America and policy makers across the country allow our children to live in fear. Choosing inaction every time our school children are hunted in their classrooms sends a clear message that the life and wellbeing of our children is not more important than unfettered access to firearms.

Across the country, 27 school shootings have happened since 2022 began. Just this session in Arizona, we've seen bills move through the legislature that make it even easier to put our children in the pathway of gun violence:

· HB2316 misconduct involving weapons; public places (Kavanagh) passed the House 31-28-1; passed JUD committee on a party-line vote – This bill weakens the criminal offense of misconduct involving weapons by allowing a person who has a concealed weapon permit to be at a public establishment or at a public event with a weapon, unless expressly prohibited by statute.

· HB2414 misconduct involving weapons; school grounds (Parker) passed the House 31-27-2; passed JUD committee on a party-line vote – This bill allows a person to have a loaded firearm on school grounds.

These bills should not move forward. We owe every family, every child, and every community damaged by gun violence action. The legislature must come together to enact common sense gun reform measures which are supported by an overwhelming majority of Arizonans. Enough death has occurred – it is time to act.


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