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Ballot Watch 2024.

Senate and House Concurrent Resolutions are heading to the ballot! These are bills that are passed through the legislature and instead of being sent to the Governor, they are sent to the voters.

Launching Ballot Watch 2024

Launching Ballot Watch 2024

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SCR 1006

(death benefit; assault; first responders.)

Sponsor: Sen. Gowan

Year Passed: 2023

Purpose: Statutorily requires Arizona to pay the sum of $250,000 to the surviving spouse or dependent of a first responder killed in the line of duty and establishes a $20 penalty fee on every criminal conviction for the purpose of providing funding for the death benefit. Effective July 1, 2025, through January 1, 2033. Learn more

SCR 1015

(initiative; referendum; signatures; legislative districts)

Sponsor: Sen. Mesnard

Year Passed: 2023

Purpose: Constitutionally requires signatures from a certain percentage of qualified electors in each legislative district, rather than in the state as a whole, to propose an amendment to the Arizona Constitution or to propose a statewide initiative or referendum.

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(property tax; refund; nuisance enforcement.)

Sponsor: Speaker Toma

Year Passed: 2024

Purpose: Statutorily allows, from tax year 2025 through tax year 2035, a property owner to annually apply for a refund of the amount the property owner paid for the prior tax year in primary property taxes to a city, town or county if the city, town or county fails to abate a public nuisance or enforce outlined ordinances that affect the property owner's real property as specified. Requires the State Treasurer to withhold aggregate refund amounts from affected city, town or county distribution base monies.

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(primary elections; eligible candidates)

Sponsor: Rep. Smith

Year Passed: 2023

Purpose: Constitutionally determines that a Legislature-enacted direct primary election law supersedes any contrary or inconsistent provision of any charter, law, ordinance, rule, resolution or policy of any city and modifies nominee requirements for a direct primary election.

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(governor; emergency powers)

Sponsor: Rep. Chaplik

Year Passed: 2023

Purpose: Constitutionally terminates any emergency powers granted to the Governor during a state of emergency 30 days after the proclamation, unless extended by the Legislature, and outlines exceptions to the automatic termination. Requires the Governor to promptly call a special session upon the presentation of a petition bearing the signature of at least one-third of each house of the Legislature.

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SCR 1021

(sex trafficking; minors; natural life)

Sponsor: Sen. Bolick

Year Passed: 2024

Purpose: Statutorily requires an adult who is convicted of a class 2 felony for any child sex trafficking offense, notwithstanding any other law, to be sentenced to natural life imprisonment without eligibility for any form of release. 

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Ballot Referrals awaiting final vote.

The following ballot referrals still have to finish going through the legislative process. If passed, these bills will be added to your 2024 ballot. You can share your opinion on these bills directly with your state legislators by using the Request to Speak system.

Click on the bill number below to learn more about it

  • HCR2032 (voting centers; precinct voting)

  • HCR2040 (public monies; prohibited expenditures) 

  • HCR2049 (ballot measures; challenges.)

  • HCR2050 (energy source; restriction; prohibition)

  • HCR2052 (rulemaking; legislative authority)

  • HCR2056 (preferential treatment; discrimination; prohibition)

  • HCR2058 (legislative districts; population; census; citizenship)

  • SCR1007 (firearms; contracts; prohibited practices)

  • SCR1012 (rulemaking; legislative ratification; regulatory costs)

  • SCR1020 (general appropriation bill; continuing appropriation)

  • SCR1023 (general election day; all offices)

  • SCR1036 (cities; towns; elections)

  • SCR1040 (tipped workers; wages)

  • SCR1041 (ballot measures; challenges)

  • SCR1044 (judicial retention elections)

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