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Epstein, Mendez Respond to the Joint Appropriations Committee and Executive Budget Presentation

Arizona State Senate 

1700 W. Washington St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85007 


Press Release  



January 16, 2023 

PHOENIX – Today, the Joint House and Senate Appropriations Committee received the Executive Budget Presentation from Governor’s Hobbs team. A breakdown of the budget proposal is available at 


Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein (LD12) stated, “Affordable access to childcare, education, housing, and healthcare are fundamental for businesses and for Arizona’s workers. We are facing a teacher shortage, nurse shortage, and childcare shortage.  Past Republican budget decision-makers have left Arizona in a financial hole, ignoring these needs.  In the past, they cut revenue based on dogma, not dollars. Now is the time to evaluate our financial picture with a measured approach to balancing the budget. Our caucus is pleased to see that the Executive Budget proposal invests in some of our most pressing needs. I find it unconscionable that my Republican colleagues have flippantly written off this good start to help the people of Arizona.” 

 “Joint Democrats released their policy priorities with everyday working-class people in mind. I believe that—even in the face of a deficit—Governor Hobbs has crafted a budget plan that is a sound first step at addressing the concerns of everyday Arizonans,” said Senate Democratic Asst. Leader Juan Mendez (LD8). “Republicans continue to cry that this budget is ‘dead on arrival,’ which is not surprising from a caucus that prefers to budget with their eyes closed and heads in the sand. We are committed to a transparent budget negotiation process that benefits all Arizonans. Regardless of Republican obstruction and grandstanding, we will continue to work to make reality better in Arizona.” 



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