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Senate Democrats successfully pass bill to repeal extreme 1864 total ban on abortion

Arizona State Senate 

1700 W. Washington St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85007 


Press Release 

PHOENIX – After almost a month of Republicans blocking and prolonging Democrats attempts to pass legislation that would repeal Arizona’s total abortion ban that was upheld by the Arizona Supreme Court in early April, Senate Democrats forced the repeal to the governor’s desk.

On Wednesday, Senator Anna Hernandez (LD24) made a motion to immediately first read House Bill 2677, which repeals the ban, and have it substituted for Senate Bill 1734, which is identical, and brought forward for a full Senate vote. The bill passed with 16-14 vote.

Senator Anna Hernandez (LD24), who sponsored SB1734, stated, “Arizonans have been begging the legislature to take actions since the Supreme Court’s ruling on April 9. Since then, the legislative Republicans have continuously ignored their constituents who overwhelming support the right to choose, and blocked Democrats attempts to bring legislation forward that would repeal the ban until last week. I’m glad that today we were able to continue the House’s momentum and give HB2677 the votes it needs to get to the governor’s desk and be signed into law. While today was a step towards ensuring our right to choose and protecting our access to abortion in Arizona, this is not the end. We must continue to fight until our rights are guaranteed in the constitution.”   

Senator Eva Burch (LD9) added, “This is one step toward protecting pregnant patients in Arizona and ensuring that the will of the people is the most important driving force in our proceedings. We are facing a new challenge now. Republican leaders have already begun to spread disinformation about the efforts being made to protect abortion rights in Arizona. Voters will make their own decision, and they deserve to have a clear and honest understanding of their options once this total ban is repealed. We must remember that when laws are put in place to protect abortion access in Arizona, they will be challenged. Those challenges will go right back to the same Arizona Supreme Court that upheld this dangerous Civil War era ban. We must focus our efforts on honesty, transparency, and upholding the will of the people in the Arizona House and Senate.”  


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