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“A slap in the face”—Sundareshan warns against HCR2032, a referral to end mail-in voting and no-excuse early voting

Arizona State Senate 

1700 W. Washington St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85007 


Press Release  



March 28, 2024 

PHOENIX – Senator Priya Sundareshan (LD18), the Ranking Democrat on the Senate Elections Committee, sounds the alarm on House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2032. 

“HCR2032 is a slap in the face to Arizona voters. This ballot referral is a brazen attempt to overhaul the way our elections are run, and to limit the early voting options that over 90% of Arizonans use. Republicans know that this conspiracy-filled piece of legislation would never make it pass the Governor’s desk, so they have decided to continue weaponizing the ballot. The most egregious policy changes included in HCR2032 are as follows: 

  • It would prohibit an elections precinct from including more than 1,000 registered voters.  

  • It would restrict the use of vote centers in Maricopa and Pima County to only in addition to precinct polling places. In turn, this provision would erase easily accessible vote centers due to a shortage of staff.  

  • No-excuse early voting has existed in Arizona for over 30 years and AEVL/PEVL has existed for 15 years and has been widely popular and considered a safe and secure method of voting until former President Donald Trump began spreading lies about it in the leadup to 2020, which he lost.   This measure would restrict mail voting to only persons who: 1) are 65 or older; 2) are college students residing out of state; 3) are UOCAVA, active-duty military or their family; and 4) have a disability. 80% of all Arizonans, across the political spectrum, use mail-in voting as their preferred way of casting their ballot. 

  • This measure would also limit in-person early voting to one week, instead of allowing voters the flexibility they currently enjoy when voting in person.   


This is simply the newest attack Republicans have waged against Arizonans voters. This is a transparent attempt to restrict access to the ballot because extremist Republicans have been unable to accept the will of the voters' time and time again.”  


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