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Mendez, Stahl-Hamilton Introduce the Arizona Thriving Families Act (ATFA)

Senator Juan Mendez 

Legislative District 8 

Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton 

Legislative District 21


January 30, 2024 

PHOENIX  Senator Juan Mendez and Representative Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, in partnership with Arizona Center for Empowerment/Living United for Change, today announced the introduction of the Arizona Thriving Families Act (ATFA). The bill would ensure all workers have paid leave to care for new family additions, recover from a serious illness, and care for ill loved ones.   

“The Arizona Thriving Families Act is common-sense policy that will keep our families safe, healthy, and employed for the long run,” said Senator Juan Mendez (LD8). “As a father of two young daughters, I know first-hand the struggles young families face when it comes to keeping your babies safe. As a legislator, I know how critical it is for businesses to have a mentally and physically healthy workforce. This legislation gives us the best of both, we can keep our families healthy and our workforce strong.” 

“Paid family leave in Arizona will help everybody because it impacts everybody,” said Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (LD21). “At some point nearly all of us must care for a new infant, or deal with a personal illness or tragedy, and increasingly many of us care for aging or sick parents.  Taking this time away should not come at the expense of a job or livelihood. The Arizona Thriving Families Act is not just pro-employee, they are pro-employer. Companies will experience higher morale, productivity, less turnover and lower hiring and training costs.” 

Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona stated, “LUCHA works with lawmakers to craft policies with Arizona families at the center. Having Paid Family and Medical Leave would provide more opportunities for our workforce, small businesses, and economy to thrive. Arizona Thriving Families Act (ATFA) will ensure all workers have paid leave to care for new family additions, recover from a serious illness, and care for sick loved ones. Ensuring all Arizonans have Paid Family and Medical Leave is long overdue.” 


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